January 18, 2013

We are glad to report that on January 16th, 2013 justice was served and a guilty verdict was handed down in the case of Jack Teitel versus the State of Israel.

Jack Teitel was found guilty on all 10… Read more

November 22, 2012

David and I arrived back in Israel four days ago from the U.S. where we participated in two conferences in NYC. We also had the chance to visit Ami at school and see the first two basketball games of the… Read more

October 7, 2012

So much to catch up on - so little time to do it! Ami, his brother and Ariel and I traveled to the U.S. the second half of August to visit family and get Ami ready for his new school… Read more

July 16, 2012

The closing arguments by Jack Teitel's attorneys were supposed to be presented to the court on June 28th. We read in the newspaper that his attorney was sick however, and received a postponement until he recovers. We don't know when… Read more

June 20, 2012

I haven't written in a very long time, and just wanted to update you on what is happening with the ongoing story of Ami, and the trial of Jack Teitel and our family.


If you remember, it… Read more

March 15, 2012

It has been a long time since you have heard from me. So much has transpired and so much is going on - I am inundated with work, and with responsibilities and so the Ami Updates have been temporarily neglected… Read more

January 4, 2012

"16 So it was, from that time on, that half of my servants worked at construction, while the other half held the spears, the shields, the bows, and wore armor; and the leaders were behind all the house of Judah… Read more

December 8, 2011

We have good news to share! First of all, Ami was accepted into College in the U.S. and onto the school basketball team! I'm not going to mention the name or location of the college because of the scrutiny of… Read more

October 19, 2011

Yesterday, Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier who was kidnapped by the Hamas and held in captivity in Gaza since 2006 for five years and four months, came home. The number of Palestinian prisoners exchanged for him was 1,027. Many are… Read more

Setember 6, 2011

Thank you Lord!!!!!

September 4, 2011 was supposed to be the summation of all the arguments of the Defense and the Prosecution in the Jack Teitel hearings to determine if he is mentally able to stand trial. The time… Read more

August 22, 2011

Shalom! We hope and pray you are all having a good and fruitful summer, enjoying the goodness of the Lord.


The latest Hamas offensive against Israel began on August 18, 2011 with a four-pronged terror attack… Read more

Juy 10, 2011

Shalom to all!! It has been a very long time since I last wrote and I must say that I have missed you all, my family in Messiah. But it's been a time of much reflection and recuperation, and since… Read more