On February 20, 2009, leaders of Messianic congregations in Israel met to discuss the Ortiz bombing case and overwhelmingly decided to pool resources within the community and to take action. A decision was made to create a Hate Crime Prevention Fund (HCPF).

The fund is overseen by five leaders within the Messianic movement in Israel. All of the resources of the HCPF fund will be dedicated to solving the Ortiz bombing case. The leaders in the Messianic movement in Israel, proclaimed that they have a moral responsibility to make every effort to protect the lives and health of their colleagues, co-workers, families and congregants. To prevent other possible future similar attacks,  a successful prosecution to the full extent in the law of the Ortiz case would serve as a guarantee to enhance the security of the Messianic community in Israel.

Now that perpetrators have been arrested, funds will be used to help the Ortiz family deal with the trial process to ensure that they receive the sentence which is equal to the crime committed. If the criminals are not punished to the fullest extent of the law, the perpetrators of this crime and others like them will conclude that they can continuously violently attack members of the Messianic community without any fear of arrest and due process of law. Israel has laws that protect the victims and give them the right to appeal at every stage of the legal process. The Ortiz family intend to use this right fully and follow this case through to the end so that a precedent is set for any further cases like theirs.

Any surplus monies in the fund, or any monies raised in the future will be kept in trust in the fund to prevent, combat and/or help in similar situations in the future. 
The target goal of the HCPF fund is USD $100,000 United States Dollars).

The HCPF fund will function as a trust fund managed by Calev Myers, a licensed attorney and a member of the HCPF fund oversight committee. Myers serves as Founder and Chief Counsel of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, a nonprofit organization which advances Civil Rights, Freedom of Religion and Social Justice in the nation of Israel.

All of the resources of the HCPF fund are dedicated solely to solving the Ortiz bombing case.

We appeal to you to partner with us in helping to safeguard the security of the Messianic Jewish community in Israel.

Checks for the HCPF fund can be made out to "Adv. Myers - In Trust" and sent to:

Jerusalem Institute of Justice
P.O. Box 2708
Jerusalem 91026

Please indicate on the face of the check or an attached note that the donation is designated for the HCPF fund.

Alternatively, donations can be sent by wire transfer to the following account:

Account Name: Jerusalem Institute of Justice – HCPF
Account No.: 588883
Bank Name: Bank Hapoalim
Bank No.: 12
Branch Name: 782
Branch Address: Rehavia, 48 Azza St., Jerusalem