Nana TV (Israel) - January 16, 2013 


Dov: Yesterday was the verdict of Ya’akov Teitel – Leah Ortiz Shalom

Leah: Shalom, Dov.

Dov: You were in court yesterday and you saw the smiling face of Ya’akov Teitel, what did you think basically?

Leah: It is very hard for us to see him, because he doesn’t honor the court process and he laughs and prays from his Siddur, but we also saw Justice accomplished, and we were very happy.

Dov: You were at all the hearings that were open (to the public) I understand?

Leah: Right

Dov: Why were you there?

Leah: We wanted to hear what really happened. What were the facts? We wanted to hear the revealed facts of who sent him to do his actions and who he worked with, but it didn’t come out. All the hearings dealt only with his mental state.

Dov: we see the frightening pictures of the bomb being left next to your door, that could have ended in death, right?

Leah: Yes

Dov: Your son could have been killed from the bomb.

Leah: Certainly – our son arrived at the hospital in the most extreme critical condition but he came back from death really by a miracle, Thank God, and we very much thank God that he is alive now and he has continued on with his life.

Dov: Where is Ami now, what is he doing?

Leah: He is studying in a college in America and is playing on their basketball team, and he is happy, he is doing very well.

Dov: Did he go to any hearings with Ya’akov Teitel? Did he want to see Ya’akov Teitel himself?

Leah: He went to one hearing only. He didn’t want to, he didn’t want to deal with it, he wanted to leave it all behind him and to continue on with his life, and he came to only one hearing..

Dov: What do you think about the man Ya’akov Teitel that has earned the name “the Jewish Terrorist”?

Leah: This man? I think that every human being can regret his actions, and can repent of his sins and be saved. So I think he will sit in jail for a long time, until the end of his life, I think that is what is going to happen.

Dov: He doesn’t show signs that he regrets his actions though.

Leah: No, no, not yet but everyone has a chance.

Dov: How does the community that you live in –Ariel react to you– have they embraced you? Have they supported you?

Leah: Very much, everyone supports us and loves us, and they love Ami very much, and people were very encouraged by his testimony and how he overcame all his difficulties and returned to a full and good life.

Dov: Do you think that among the large community of settlers there are still rotten apples like Ya’akov Teitel that are radical and still living near you in Ariel?

Leah: Yes, yes there are many and I very much hope that the justice that was carried out yesterday will help to prevent other actions of violence and terror against our community in the future. I hope so very much.

Dov: Leah Ortiz, I thank you very much –

Leah: Thank you Dov.