What can I do?

1. You can donate to the Hate Crime Prevention Fund (more information)

2. You can write letters of concern on behalf of evangelical and Messianic believers in Israel and send them to Israeli officials from the Foreign Ministry, the Tourism Ministry, the Prime Minister's Office, and the Ministry of Justice.
Prime Minister's Office
Benjamin Netenyahu
Prime Minister
3 Kaplan St.
Hakirya Jerusalem 91950
Tel. 972-2-670-5555
Fax 972-2-670-5475

Ministry of Justice
Ya'akov Ne'eman
Minister of Justice
Salah-a-Din 29
P.O. Box 49029
Jerusalem 91490
Tel. 972-2-646-6340, ext.321
Fax 972-2-646-6357
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Avigdor Liberman
Minister of Foreign Affairs
9 Yitzhak Rabin Blvd.
Kiryat Ben-Gurion Jerusalem 91035
Tel. 972-2-530-3111
Fax 972-2-530-3367

Ministry of Tourism
Stas Misezhnikov
Tourism Ambassador to North and South America
800 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10017 USA
Tel. 1-212-499-5650
Fax: 1-212-499-5655
When you contact them, say you're concerned about this violence and something needs to be done about it. It may or may not have been caused by these radical Orthodox Jews. But, someone did it and they should be brought to justice.
Also say that Israel's reputation as a liberal democracy is at stake if they turn a blind eye to this type of violence. And, remind them to stand with the evangelical community as the evangelical community has stood by them.
Join us in raising a voice of concern and support for believers in Israel!