As the Body of Messiah in Israel and around the world continued to pray, miracles continued happening. . The eye surgeons were checking Ami daily, as well as the plastic surgeons who were treating his burns and wounds. Even though there was still bleeding behind his eyes, Ami’s left eye was responding to light, but the right eye was not, it was blind. Churches, assemblies and prayer groups began to intercede for Ami’s right eye. People and groups were fasting and praying for the eye. One morning the eye surgeon said – “suddenly we see an object in the cornea of the right eye that has come up towards the surface. We have to remove it, but we might damage the cornea when we do.” We gave our consent for the operation, but we had peace that everything would be OK. A few minutes later, the surgeon came back and said, “We removed the object, the cornea wasn’t damaged, and the eye immediately began to respond to light!” The bleeding behind the eyes reabsorbed slowly, and several minor laser surgeries were performed to close pinpoint holes in the eyes. Even though Ami still as some metal and glass fragments still in his eyes, they are on the edges. Even though there is scarring on the eyeballs, they are also not in the middle where vision takes place, and today, Ami has 20/20 vision in both eyes.

Every day, Ami’s bandages had to be changed. He has said that there is no way to describe the pain of that daily tortuous experience. He was given oral pain killers, and laughing gas, but nothing could deaden the pain of debridement and cleaning the wounds. Often Ami’s brothers or David would stand by his side, to strengthen him, but the wounds were so terrible to see, that it was very difficult for them. Ami’s body had been literally ripped apart by the bomb. He was missing skin on his stomach, and both of his thighs, where muscle had also been lacerated and blown away. When you looked at his legs, you saw muscle, veins and bone. His body from his neck to his feet was covered with painful burns and wounds. He would need skin grafts on his stomach and thighs, which entailed peeling good skin off of his legs, and covering the exposed areas.

However, the Lord was moving mightily in Ami’s body as He was answering the prayers of His people. Healing began at such an alarming rate that it confounded the doctor’s and nurses. Every night, Ami was in excruciating pain from his wounds, but he felt deep itching over his entire body, and the sensations of his skin pulling. We knew that these were signs of healing, but healing hurts!! Every morning when the bandages were changed, the nurses would come out and tell us – he’s better today. One day, after a particularly hard night, they exclaimed, “He’s MUCH better today!” The plastic surgeons began running away from us, not knowing how to explain what they were seeing. David said, maybe they’re afraid that they’ll be put out of business! The skin grafts were done in the days following, but the surgeon was able to assess that his right thigh was healing by itself, and wouldn’t need a skin graft, and the skin did slowly grow back over the wounds on the right thigh, although with significant scarring.

Ami’s wounds continued to heal quickly, without any infection or complications by the Grace of God, and by three months, all the wounds were completely closed. This is a total miracle. A mother and her daughter, who are friends of ours who were also wounded in a terrorist attack told us that their wounds took 6-9 months to completely heal.

Every day Ami could do something he couldn’t the day before. He began to get out of bed, and take a few steps, then he could walk into the bathroom with assistance from us, then he could walk there alone, and it went on and on. Ami had sustained nerve damage in both of his arms, which also had absorbed shrapnel and were covered were lacerations and scars. Ami was in constant excruciating pain from this injury, which stretched him to his limit. Until today, Ami has constant burning in his left hand from the nerve damage. Some of the most extensive surgery has been done on his left arm and hand.

To this day, two and a half years after the incident, Ami has undergone 14 operations, and he will have to undergo more for plastic surgery as well.

-Leah Ortiz