April 11, 2014

Shalom to all! It has been a long time since we communicated, but we just wanted to let you know that all is well. Ami is doing well in school, but is trying to transfer to another college. When he contacted coaches in many different schools, a coach in a college in Florida expressed interest in him. He went to see the school over Spring Break, liked it and is applying.

As soon as the basketball season was over this past semester in the school where he is currently, (which was a rather disappointing season) Ami tried out for the Track team and was accepted. He has been practicing for the high jump and is having a great time. He said it is challenging and is going to keep him in shape for basketball! This summer he will travel with the school for a summer term to Honduras to get two college credits in scuba diving! Then he will work for 3 weeks in a camp that ministers to underprivileged children in Guatemala. God willing I will be able to see him in the U.S. when he gets back from these activities. Please pray for his next steps.

Powerful Video

Below is a link to a very powerful film by Jews for Jesus called "That Jew Died For You". There is the option to see it with subtitles in several major languages. On this website, believers and unbelievers can also chat and ask questions concerning Yeshua. A video called "Survivors Stories" is also featured on the website with powerful testimonies of Holocaust survivors who, through all the tragedy, put their faith in the Messiah. Also on the website is a video about Jewish artists who saw a link between the suffering of Yeshua the Messiah and the suffering of the Jewish nation.

Here is the link: http://thatjewdiedforyou.com/

We believe this is a good tool to present the Gospel to the Jewish people.
There is much that we don't write about in our updates, because of surveillance by anti-missionaries. We don't want to sabotage the work of the Lord. However, we have been rejoicing in all that the Lord is doing in Ariel and all over Israel, especially for new believers, both Jew and Arab who have put their faith in Yeshua in the past months.

Yours in the Messiah,

Leah and David

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