April 16, 2013

Request for Intervention and Prayer

We are horrified and shaken by the Boston Marathon bomb blasts that have killed and maimed so many. Our prayers are lifted up for the victims, with whom we can identify closely with. This is a terror attack not only against Americans but against humanity, and the values that are the foundations of our society.


for the responses to our update concerning the sentencing of Jack Teitel to 80 years in prison. However, as you know, we have written that although justice has been served in the sentence of Teitel (for which we are also grateful), for Ami justice has not been completely served because of the inhumane and discriminatory decision of the Israeli Ministry of Defense to not recognize Ami as a hate crime victim of terror, even though the Arab families, who were attacked by the same terrorist, in the same string of terror attacks, have been recognized as such and very justly so. We rejoice with them.

We have begun initiatives with our lawyer to try to fight this. We know that the most effective way to do it this is through the media and public opinion, and so after the sentencing we did emphasize this point in every interview we did in the Israeli media, including a morning talk show on Israeli Channel 10 in which Ami was interviewed by Skype. However, the most effective way to turn this decision around will not only take pressure domestically and internationally, but strategic prayer. Thus far thank the Lord, we have had some Members of Governments and journalists raising up their voices for us.

Ami has 60 years ahead of him in which he will need the assistance of National Insurance to deal with the ongoing issues he faces as a result of his injuries and handicap. For instance, this summer he will begin a series of laser operations to improve the scars which cover his body from his neck to his feet, as a result of the 100 pieces of shrapnel which pierced his body and the skin grafts to cover large areas on his stomach and thighs where the skin was burned and blown off. These will take place in the U.S.

We remembered a tragic case in Israel from November 2011, in which Rabbi Mertzbach from the Otniel settlement near Hebron was killed by IDF gunfire when they mistook him for a terrorist. At the end of the article, it states that the Ministry of Defense recognized the deceased as a terror victim so that his family could receive benefits and assistance from National Insurance! So exceptions can be made, why is it not being made in Ami's case? In this case the exception was already made two days after the incident. We are now five years after our incident.

This is the link to the article:


This is again, an important precedent to be set, as Jewish violence against believers and vandalism and even fire bombings of churches and congregations have occurred many times in the past five years since the bomb was sent to our house in 2008. There have never been any arrests made in these cases, and God forbid, if any other Messianic believer is every injured again by a violent attack of this kind, it is important that a precedent be set which would enable them to be compensated justly by the State of Israel, and to be used as a deterrent to force the hand of the State to make arrests.

We wonder if you would consider writing an email to the Minister of Defense, Moshe Ya'alon, to speak up for Ami. His email address is: myaalon@knesset.gov.il

You can send a copy of your letter to the Prime Minister of Israel as well:


If you would consider having those on your mailing lists, in your organizations , lawmakers, etc. to write as well, this would be a very helpful and positive step in our quest for full justice for Ami and the Messianic Body in Israel, and we would be very grateful.

And please, if you could add this matter to your prayer lists, we would be so very grateful, as the prayer of the Body around the world has accomplished the impossible and won great victories up to this point in Yeshua's Name.

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. (James 5:16b NLB)

Yours in the Messiah,

David and Leah

Below is an example email:

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon

Ministry of Defense

The Knesset

Dear Mr. Ya'alon,

We rejoice with the Ortiz family and the other families involved, that justice has been served in the conviction and sentencing of Jack Teitel. The just decision to incarcerate him for life was an example of the democratic system in Israel which protects every citizen regardless of his race, religion or ethnic background.

However, at the same time we are shocked and even horrified by the inhumane and discriminatory decision of the Defense Ministry which refuses to recognize Ami Ortiz as a terror victim, even though the Arab families who were attacked by the same terrorist, in the same string of terror attacks, have been recognized as hate crime victims and very justly so.

We see this as a grave injustice for Israel to reject the completely justifiable claims of this young man. He is today 20 years old, and he will have to deal with the ongoing issues he faces as a result of his very serious injuries and the handicap he suffered in the monstrous attack against him on Purim Eve, March 20, 2008. We have been informed that for five years he has received no help or assistance from the National Insurance system, and it is impossible to understand what could possibly justify this.

We understand that in other cases the laws have been waived and assistance has been granted based on moral and humanitarian grounds. We are asking you to reconsider you decision concerning Ami Ortiz, and that he will be granted the status he deserves as a victim of terror and hate.

Yours Truly,

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