MAOZ Israel l April, 11 2013

Publication: Maoz Israel
Type: Online
Date: April 11, 2013
Country: Israel
Title: Justice For Ami Ortiz
Video: link

On April 9, 2013, “the Jewish Terrorist” Jack Teitel, received his punishment from an Israeli court:

-2 life sentences for killing two Arab men

-Plus another 30 years for inciting violence and planting bombs.

Teitel left one of those bombs at the Ortiz family home in Ariel, Israel. They were targeted for being Messianic Jews. Their teenage son, Ami, was critically injured in the bombing

The Ortiz family has not received assistance from the Israeli government, as victims of ‘terrorism’ are entitled. Government officials have classified the case as a ‘criminal’ incident.

To help support the family with legal or medical aid, go to:

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