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Christianity Today - January 22, 2013 

Publication: Christian Today
Type: Online
Date: January 22, 2013
Country: USA
Title: ‘Jewish Terrorist’ convicted in attack on Messianic pastor’s son
Reporter: Tim Morgan
Article: link

‘Jewish Terrorist’ convicted in attack on Messianic pastor’s son

Likely target of attempted murder was pastor David Ortiz, but his son Ami was nearly killed instead in 2008.

Last week, Jack Teitel, labeled as a “Jewish terrorist” in the news media, was convicted in an Israeli courtroom of two murders and one attempted… Read more

Christianity Today_May 28, 2008 

Publication: Christianity Today
Type: Online
Date: May 28, 2008
Country: USA
Section: Editorial
Title: Israel Reconciled to All
Reporter: N/A

Israel Reconciled to All
Ground-level religious discrimination against Messianic Jews may be changing.


Faith-based Extremism

Granted, Israel scores very high for protecting basic freedom of religious belief and worship. As a Jewish… Read more