July 18, 2010


In my last update I wrote, concerning the postponement of the hearing - “We pray that what needs to be brought out into the light will be revealed, because we believe that the Lord wants to do something bigger than what we can see at this time.”

The next day Chaim Pearlman was arrested. He is accused of murdering at least two Palestinians in East Jerusalem in 1998 and wounding others. He is a member of an ultra- right wing outlawed organization called the Kach movement whose founder was Rabbi Meri Kahane. Pearlman has been arrested on minor misdemeanours in the years since the murders. He was very smart though – when he began to be visited by the Shin Bet (Israeli secret service) in the months before his arrest, he had the feeling he was about to be apprehended, and so he secretly recorded the meetings. He recorded 20 hours of alleged conversations with Shin Bet agents, and if nothing else, to us they have revealed a certain modus operandi which is exactly the same as the secret services dealings with Jack Teitel, and interesting similarities between Teitel’s and Pearlman’s activities.

Teitel allegedly murdered two Palestinians in 1997

Pearlman allegedly murdered at least two Palestinians in 1998

Teitel was interrogated by the Shin Bet on his involvement and released because of lack of evidence. This happened in 1997. Upon his return to Israel to make aliyah in 2000, he was again interrogated by the Shin Bet who asked him to be an informer of the far-right radical Jewish factions. He agreed, but later ties were cut because of lack of cooperation on his part.

Pearlman was interrogated in 2002 by the Shin Bet in connection with the murders that he carried out, but couldn’t be arrested because of lack of evidence. He was offered money in order to become an informer of the same, but later on ties were cut because of lack of cooperation.

Twelve years passed until Teitel was arrested during which time he committed the rest of his violent crimes, including two attempted murders (one of which was planting a bomb in our house resulting in the critical wounding of Ami), and a string of other violent attempts on people’s lives. During that time he collected a large weapons cache, ostensibly taught himself to manufacture bombs, got married and had 4 children.

Twelve years passed from the time Pearlman allegedly carried out his murders until he was arrested during which time he was active in right-wing radical groups and activates, got married and had 3 children.

Teitel was held in the Shin Bet’s prison for several weeks after his arrest. He was denied access to a lawyer and a gag order was placed on the arrest details.

Pearlman is being held in the same prison, also has been denied visits by his lawyer but the judge denied the gag order request. Because of this, and because partial contents of the secret tapes were released to the press, we have this information.

A secret letter was delivered to the judge by the Police and Shin Bet in the case of Jack Teitel when we took the police to court to get back our confiscated security camera hard disc.

A secret letter from the same security agencies has been delivered to the judge presiding at this time over the Pearlman case.


The Pearlman case is confusing to the Israeli public, as no one knows who is telling the truth-Pearlman or the Shin Bet! All we know is that there is always more than what meets the eye, and we are questioning more each day why Teitel has been hidden away in a mental institution for the past six months, with postponement after postponement by the district court psychiatrist, and why we haven’t had the full cooperation or information sharing of any government legal or security service since the bomb went off in our house on March 20, 2008, critically wounding Ami.

Here is a link to an article concerning the Pearlman case:


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